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Animated card tiles

In this tutorial we explain step-by-step how to build out tiled cards that animate with user interaction using pure CSS.

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Super Mario blocks in CSS

Ever wanted to recreate the Super Mario blocks in CSS? Of course you have! In this tutorial we will breakdown how to do just that, step-by-step.

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Proper UI hierarchy

Current industry trends such as flat or material design have placed accessibility and visual hierarchy as secondary requirements. Hopefully we can start to fix that.

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Easy custom radio inputs

Let's face it - the default browser styling for radio inputs is terrible. In this article we breakdown how to create beautiful radio options with just CSS.

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Better box-shadows

Further improving on the default browser box-shadow styling with a little help from well-placed pseudo elements.

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Preprocessors like Sass and Less have made development much easier, but you should always be careful not to go overboard with CSS nesting.

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Width or flex-basis?

Is it better to use width or flex-basis for layouts in CSS? Let's breakdown the most common use cases for each and how to implement them.

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Adaptable flexbox grid

The days of overly complex grid systems are gone. Learn how to create adaptable grid systems with flexbox using barely any CSS.

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CSS video backgrounds

Safari is actually ahead of the game for once, allowing developers to set video files as background property attributes in CSS.

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CSS variables

CSS preprocessors have allowed developers to use variables for quite some time, but we now have the ability to use these properties in plain vanilla CSS.

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ET-Jekyll theme

Inspired by the book and handout designs of Edward Tufte, I created an open source Jekyll theme to based off of Dave Liepmann's Tufte CSS.

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Goodbye CSS preprocessors

Moving away from being so dependent on CSS preprocessors might just help you improve your skillset as a developer. Working with vanilla CSS can be great.

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The wonders of text ellipsis

The text ellipsis CSS property can be extremely useful for keeping your content contained without the use of ugly fixed widths or heights.

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